An 8.5% of the surface area of Los Rios Region in southern Chile is made up of wetlands. Around the city of Valdivia, the presence of wetlands is particularly dense and some areas today are national monuments A wetland is an ecosystem that is sometimes divided at the surface, but which constitutes a networked ecological continuum. Thus, to alter a part of the wetland is to modify the whole ecosystem.​

Promoting the convergence of different instances – Universidad Austral’s Rio Cruces Wetlands Center ( and the Valdivia Wetlands Network ( – the Austral Garden program proposes an aerial route over the geography and natural environment where Universidad Austral de Chile is located.​

The purpose is that scientists and researchers can share their studies and reflections to spread the importance of wetlands, as well as showing the mutation of the natural ecosystem as a result of urban sprawl and the expansion of the extractive industry ​